Saturday, January 12, 2008

CES News--Fluid Mask 3 and Bling! It

Since the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is geared towards more general electronics, I don't always expect to see much in the way of graphics software. One cool exception this year was the folks from Vertus.

Transform Product Shots!
There were really two products that Vertus was promoting. The first was Bling! It, a product not really geared towards graphics professionals. That doesn't meant that graphics professionals can't use it. A few few very quick steps, you can take a boring product shot and turn it into something much more exciting. The idea being that your new product shot will help you better sell the product.

Their powerhouse tool is Fluid Mask 3. It makes the process of cutting an image out from the background much easier than with traditional tools. Yes, there are other tools that do similar things, but I've yet to see any that worked in the same way. Without comparing each of the tools on the same image, it is impossible to tell you which tool is the best. While Fluid Mask 3 is a Photoshop plug-in, it does not work in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. The good news is that it can be run just fine as a standalone application. Even better, if you use the coupon code of "CESSHOW", you can save $40 if you purchase before January 20th, 2008. There is a free trial available so feel free to give it a try and see if it is something useful to you.

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