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SVG—From CorelDRAW to Your Browser

© 2007 by David Troidl. All Rights Reserved.

CorelDRAW provides a great graphics platform. One drawback, though, is that its native graphics formats are not widely supported. Internet graphics are virtually universal, yet till recently web developers have been limited to bitmap graphics. Now we have SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). And since version 10, CorelDRAW has been supporting SVG. You can Open, Save, Import and Export SVG graphics.

In this tutorial, we are going to be developing the ideas of SVG and illustrating the results attainable from within CorelDRAW. The feature sets are very similar, and we will be discussing some of the differences. Here and there we’ll look at the actual SVG code and investigate a few tweaks that can improve the final graphics. The great advantage of SVG is that it describes vector graphics completely in terms of plain text, using an XML syntax. No previous knowledge of XML or SVG is assumed for this tutorial.

In this tutorial, you'll discover:

  1. CorelDRAW's SVG features
  2. SVG and XML syntax
  3. Browser support for SVG
  4. SVG Effects

Included with the tutorial are;

  1. Samples files to work along with projects in the tutorial

Get this entire 24-page tutorial in a printable PDF file along with samples to work along for only $10! Just click the button below to get your copy today!

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Graphics Unleashed

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Graphics Unleashed

Last Updated Wednesday, March 21, 2007.

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