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The CorelDRAW Files

© 2005 by Jeff Harrison.

Sometimes with all the technical discussions, we seem to lose sight of the main purpose of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. That is to create awesome digital graphics, and to have fun doing it. If you aren't having fun with CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, something's awry!

In an effort for all of us to put a face to a name, I've developed a template that hopefully many folks will enjoy using to contribute their information. The name is a play on the popular television show "The X Files". Below you'll see the template filled out with my information.

You can download this file (1.2 MB zip). It is a CorelDRAW 9 file with all fonts embedded.

Open the Object Manager Docker to see how I've created separate layers. Editing for all layers except the place for your photo and description has been disabled. So put in your picture and your info and export it.

If you're not really sure what you're doing when exporting files from CorelDRAW, the dialog boxes above should help. Your file MUST be less than 100KB when submitted. It will still look decent with these parameters. Newer versions have slightly different looking dialog boxes but the settings are all the same.

Name your file "corelfiles-yourname.jpg" and e-mail it to Foster. We'll add all submissions below so you can meet your fellow CorelDRAW users. Please don't include any profanity or photos that we can't display.

Was this fun & useful?

Was this helpful to you in learning CorelDRAW and getting to know other CorelDRAW users? If so, we'd appreciate if you'd make a donation to the author and Graphics Unleashed with the button below.

The Submissions

Below are the files submitted so you can learn about various CorelDRAW users.

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