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Graphics Unleashed Newsletter
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Graphics Unleashed Newsletter
August 28, 2013

Latest News From Graphics Unleashed

In a previous newsletter, I told you that the newsletter format would be changing and a new provider would be used to send out each issue. This will be the last newsletter in this format. You can preview and sign up for the new newsletter right now.

Preview New Format!

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The new format is scheduled to be sent out weekly on Wednesday mornings Arizona time. Sometime in the next couple of weeks, we will move all current subscribers to the new list. As always, you have the ability to unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive the newsletter.

Cave Creek Geek Shirt

The Cave Creek Geek gives a demonstration of blowing the accumulated dust out of a computer and visits two important locations in Kansas City. One location provides millions of greeting cards and the other features a wealth of history from the world of music and baseball. Some of the early episodes have suffered from wind noise and the geek has already found a solution by converting his smartphone into a camcorder.

We've added two new collections to the Clipart Unleashed family. Expand your design arsenal with some new graphics from these collections.

I want you to get the most out of your efforts on social media. Your page needs to look good so I've provided you with a template for YouTube. You need to measure your success and I've told you about an analytics service for Twitter. Lastly, you need to reach your followers and there is a new way to do that with Facebook posts.

Getting your computer running as fast as possible is extremely important and I give you tips to speed things up. At the same time you need to keep your system secure and staying on Windows XP is going to open up security holes in the very near future.

I want to come to your office and sit next to you while you work in CorelDRAW. I'll share all of my insider tips with you so that you can knock out your projects in record time with even more creativity. If you want me to explain something over and over, all you have to do is ask. Heck, I'll even be there early or stay late to help you.

CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed Book

How is this possible? It's really simple as I've cloned myself onto a DVD so I can be there for all of you whenever you need me!

Now that you know you need me at your desk, I'll tell you it is something you can have immediately. With CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed, you have my CorelDRAW knowledge available for you anytime you want. If you aren't using CorelDRAW X6, we have similar help available for CorelDRAW 12-X5.

CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed Quote

Wonder if this training is as good as advertised? Let our customers explain why this training is good for brand new users as well as those with CorelDRAW experience.

CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed Testimonials

For those who truly want me to sit next to them and provide assistance, I'm available to help you. Come join me at your own customized training session and I'll fill you with CorelDRAW knowledge!

Your Custom CorelDRAW Training Session

Getting good designs is important. The right design can greatly increase profits. I show you the before and after of some packaging that made a huge difference for one company. It is also important to have good software in your toolbox. You may want to consider Xara and I explain why it is a good choice.

Raise your hand if you like telemarketers? I don't see many hands! You may be getting calls claiming to be from Google that won't stop. I tell you about these misleading calls and suggest ways to stop them. I know you hate spam, but there are many times it is important to include the right e-mail address.

Some users are scared by all things cloud while others embrace it. No matter your position, I think you'll find Dropbox a great way to share large files and I explain ways you may want to use it. Also, it is important to have the right cables to connect. I suggest some inexpensive choices for you.

Looking for some fun fonts for a project? Since the last newsletter, we've added three new free fonts in the Graphics Unleashed Blog. You can find them on the Fonts Unleashed page, and the list will continue to grow over time.

Go to Fonts Unleashed!

For those who are unsure how to download and install the free fonts for use, I wrote a detailed blog post on the process.

Downloading Fonts, Installing Fonts and Spam Filters

There has been a lot of timely information since the last newsletter. If you do not already subscribe to the Graphics Unleashed Blog, do it now so you don't miss this information in the future. Another way to keep up-to-date is to become a fan of the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page.

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Artwork Collections

Who doesn't have a need for more artwork to use in their projects? Do you know that we offer over one hundred collections in our Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace? I'll also highlight several of the most popular artwork providers for you to explore. We've been adding a lot of new packages, so make sure to check out all that is available.

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