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Graphics Unleashed Newsletter
May 23, 2012

Latest News From Graphics Unleashed

CorelDRAW X6 is more than two months old and we continue to provide more details on how to get the most from it. Here are the latest posts with CorelDRAW X6 information. This is in addition to the previous posts we've done. Check out the April 26, 2012 newsletter for even more information.

We also want to remind users who have CorelDRAW X3 or older versions that you have less than a month to get upgrade pricing. After June 18, 2012, only users of CorelDRAW X4 and X5 can get upgrade pricing. Owners of older versions will have to pay full price if they choose to move to X6. There will be no grace period on future versions so get your upgrade now to save money. For those who don't want to run X6 right now, simply don't install it yet.


We also had a big release recently from Adobe with their CS6 line of products. For those who plan to move to CS6, we certainly would appreciate if you could use our links to purchase from Adobe.

There is also a sale on Adobe's Elements products for the next few days. Take advantage of the special pricing while you can.

Last newsletter we told you we wanted to find a way to make the Graphics Unleashed community as valuable as possible for all users. The best way to do this is to have all of you involved in the conversation. As a way to encourage you, we are going to reward one of our top fans each month. We've already rewarded our Top Fan for April.

In the last month we've had both a solar eclipse and a supermoon. We were lucky to get pictures of both and post them on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page.

Looking for some fun fonts for a project? Since the last newsletter, we've added 11 new free fonts in the Graphics Unleashed Blog. You can find them on the Fonts Unleashed page and the list will continue to grow over time. If you like it, go ahead and press the Facebook Like button on the page.

Go to Fonts Unleashed!

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Make sure to read the entire newsletter as there are more than thirty new and original articles referenced.

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CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed

View CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Details!

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View CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Advanced Topics Table of Contents!

View Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 Unleashed Table of Contents!

CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed Multimedia Training DVD Series

CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Multimedia Training DVDs

This series of training DVDs was designed to make you more productive and more profitable using CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. There are three DVDs that you can buy separately, or in discounted bundles. No matter your current level of CorelDRAW knowledge, these DVDs will take you to the next level!

In total, they offer nearly 900 pages of written information and more than 16.5 hours of video tutorials. There are also sample files and a ton of free goodies supplied on the discs. If you don't have a copy, get yours now!

"This is so clearly laid out. The fonts are large and easy on the eye to read with the diagrams large and clear also. Your writing style is very conversational which makes me feel as though I'm sitting across a table listening to you in person. The videos are superb with their clarity and sharpness. I'm just sitting here entertained by the quality and simplicity of the tutorials. I'm really enjoying this learning process. This eBook is going to make my PC learning quick and efficient. Thanks again for producing such a wonderful product. I would genuinely recommend CorelDRAW X5 to anyone just for this DVD eBook."
--Steve Bolack, Colorblast

CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Series of Multimedia Training DVDs

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

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Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 [DVD]

Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

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Artwork Collections

Who doesn't have a need for more artwork to use in their projects? Do you know that we offer over one hundred collections in our Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace? I'll also highlight several of the most popular artwork providers for you to explore. We've been adding a lot of new packages, so make sure to check out all that is available.

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