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Oberon Thumbnailer for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER

Download Oberon Color Replacer for CorelDRAW 11/12/X3/X4/X5:

Download Oberon Color Replacer for Corel DESIGNER 10/12:

This is a next version of the good old Thumbnailer script which is now rewritten in VBA for CorelDRAW 11, 12, X3, X4, X5 and Corel DESIGNER 10, 12 and has a few additional features.

Oberon Thumbnailer imports all specified files from a folder and creates thumbnails for them and places them on CorelDRAW pages in array.

It allows to specify multiple file masks. For example, "*.bmp;*.jpg;*.gif" will match any file with BMP, JPG or GIF extensions.

The program also allows to convert any imported file into a bitmap with a lower resolution which maybe very useful when loading a lot of complex vector drawing or when importing high resolution photos. Downsampling them to 100 dpi will help keep the file size down while still being able to identify the images by their thumbnails.

Thumbailer creates a new document with the page size specified in Page Setup dialog:

The latest updated version (v2.1) is capable of processing files in subfolders, rasterize the thumbnail before resizing them (to preserve relative look of the file including dimensions, arrowheads, etc) and select font for file captions.

See installation instructions.

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Last Updated Tuesday, May 07, 2013.

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